Did you ever dream of being a part of something big? To actually use your talents for something bigger than you but just don't know how to get started? We all dream, and some of us dream a little too big. But with out dreams and vision, life is a bit boring. We like to think outside the box a bit. That's why TRAPLINE has a new venture for the right people who want to live out their dreams.  

We are hiring artistic people to be apart of this adventure that could take us all over the world, to see all the sites the world has to offer, to experience the world through a musical journey, creating a family of people to make this happen. We want you to be a part of this project, and live through this journey with us! And there are many opportunities that some may call hobbies, but we are looking to make it a career for you! Music is also a hobby to some, but we are creating a company to support the arts and keep Rock and Roll alive! 

So if your up for the challenge, want to help create something epic from something small, and become part of the TRAPLINE family, and have some talent in one of the following careers, or wish to learn a trade, please submit the position you are seeking to full fill, and we will be getting a hold of you for an informal interview. 


The opportunities are listed below: 

Roadies/Instrument Tech's

Light Technicians





Media Manager


Merchandise Attendant

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